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Cotton Babies Wholesale - Seven Great Brands for Moms & Babies

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About Cotton Babies.

Cotton Babies began manufacturing cloth diapers in 2005. Today, we design, manufacture, wholesale and distribute an intelligently designed product base that includes seven brands of products within the mom and baby space.

Cloth Diaper Manufacturer

Cotton Babies manufactures bumGenius, the Flip Diapering System, Econobum, Elemental Joy, Elemum, MilkDaze, and Hemp Babies.

Style & Variety!

Our product lines have been created to appeal to a wide variety of customers. We understand that no family is alike. That's why we've uniquely designed products fit to meet the needs of any family. Our products should be easy to inventory and fun to sell to just about anybody who visits your store.

Baby Retailer Supplier

Cotton Babies works with retailers specializing in juvenile or baby products, adult incontinence, women's and baby clothing, grocery, health & fitness, pharmacies and other market segments as appropriate. We are able to accommodate the needs of virtually any retailer, from the small independents all the way up to the largest retail chains. 

Cloth Diaper Service Supplier

Our bumGenius Freetime All-In-One Cloth Diapers are a popular choice because they are one-piece, and perfect for commercial washing machines. 

DME Supplier

Looking for wholesale adult cloth diapers? Did you know that some insurance providers will cover the cost of cloth diaper sizes determined to be required for larger children or adults? The adult cloth diapers must be purchased by the customer through a DME. 

Cotton Babies Reviews

Cotton Babies is known in the juvenile industry for our commitment to innovation and excellence. Read more about the press we've received on the bumGenius Media Page.

Buy Cloth Diapers Wholesale

If you have an online store or a brick & mortar retail store and would like to sell Cotton Babies products, please click here to begin the application process. We require that our retailers are already selling products within our product categories (mom & baby). We also require the retailer to be open and established. We do not sell at wholesale prices to individuals. We also do not sell to retailers with primary outlets on Amazon or other third party vendors.   Regardless of location, the minimum first order is $500. Reorders are $100.